Who we are

Founded in 1987, since its birth marked by commitment to its customers and characterized by its innovative strength. Over the years it has been diversifying its line of products and services provided with continuous technological updating. In this way, improving processes, products and services. For Ippel, to go further is to grow with our customers. With this objective the company adapts to the client in order to develop assertive solutions and adjusted to the present, but looking to the future.

Currently beyond the product line, we offer special customized equipment, pre-engineering services, consulting, reforms, adjustments to NR-12 standards, repair services, maintenance, equipment renovations and other solutions.

With an eye on the future, Ippel has the vision to seek together with its employees, as a team, always the best to serve our customers with quality, efficiency and ethics, establishing a relationship of partnership and commitment.




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Qualified team

Our team, has professionals with experience and market knowledge combined with the knowledge acquired throughout our existence. Investment in the development of our human capital is constant, which guarantees the offer of the best solution options for our clients fulfilling the established objectives. Always looking for new opportunities for improvement, we are encouraged to innovate.