When a machine breaks down or needs minor repairs, production can be compromised, so it is necessary to invest in quality machinery service solutions to keep everything running smoothly.

You don't have to spend a lot of money importing high-cost parts with bureaucracy. IPPEL does this job for you with national products, using advanced engineering features to ensure that replacement and fit is perfect, with special and quality parts.

This means that whatever is broken, damaged, deformed or worn, can be scanned and analyzed by our highly trained specialists to make a new functional item, in harmony with the other components of the equipment. Learn more about our solutions below!

Customized services

IPPEL believes that each customer has a different specification, so it works with fully personalized services, prioritizing efficiency and quality. As needed by the organization, the company has a right service to perform the service with perfection.

Grinding and polishing

For production lines, rectification is very important, because the tools remove material from the equipment in very small quantities, until you get to exact point for a given project and leaves a great surface finish. We have machines to correct and polish cylindrical or flat parts and components. We polish to improve the surface finish of parts to prevent product sticking. We have equipment and qualified staff to carry out this work.

Spare parts and maintenance

With time, it is normal for the pieces to no longer play the role they had when they were new, and this can harm the manufacturing process. Therefore, as soon as you notice that any of your equipment is in need of replacement or maintenance, be sure to look for IPPEL.

Besides that, we offer reverse engineered replacement parts as a solution, that is, the nationalization of the pieces from the original and with the possible improvements that may eventually be made.


We offer small machining services, medium and large. Since, we have a diversified industrial park that provides milling services, planer, perforations, horizontal and vertical turning. Our professionals are able to execute parts with high quality requirements. Therefore, we count on the diversification of our CNC machines with varying sizes to meet the strict quality requirements demanded.


If your industry needs service on carbon or stainless steel parts, any size, IPPEL can be your great ally. Because, as a experience gained for many years no market, we provide the best industrial boiler services in line with precision machining expertise.


Balancing equipment means investing in more productivity and increasing its useful life, which depends on not having significant vibrations during operation. We balance rollers, threads, rotors, carcasses, axes, propellers, among others. We balance the required balance quality for each part, delivered with balance certificate.

Diagnostics and performance improvement

We have a technical team to diagnose our customers' machines and thus propose changes to improve the machine's performance.


Industrial painting helps to protect equipment metal and works as a corrosion resistance. We perform this type of service using a liquid system with enamel paints, epoxy and polyurethane in the desired layers. Like this, we do the treatment of the base material with sandblasting for preparation for painting.

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