Ippel is recognized as a company that values ​​the high performance and technology of its products and services, being one of the highlights of the segment. This is only possible because, Firstly, We place the well-being of our employees as a priority within our facilities.. We know that the health and physical integrity of those who are always by our side is a determining factor for us all to achieve our goals.

Therefore, in our organization chart, the CIPA (internal commission of accident prevention) has an extremely important role: the prevention of work-related accidents and illnesses, in order to permanently make work compatible with the preservation of life and the promotion of the worker's health. Along with that, We establish a relationship of awareness and dialogue between management and employees in general..

It is in a creative and participatory way that we always seek to improve working conditions, and CIPA's work with a focus on eliminating occupational hazards in the work environment offers a better quality of life for everyone inside and outside the company., directly impacting the humanization of work and, consequently, in the final quality of all our products.


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