Finding reliable suppliers who are concerned with the progress of the consumer company is the need. In general, the industries require products and services with high technological level and the commitment of the supplier to meet the expectations and what the factory needs on a daily basis to have a good work performance

However, IPPEL was born with the purpose of working more closely with customers, always looking for real transformation in the day-to-day life of companies. For this, we constantly invest in the structure of our industrial park, Law Suit, cutting edge engineering and technology, with the goal of creating more and more intelligent solutions. in the end, we don't just sell equipment, we help materialize dreams.

To better understand all this journey and services that make up the principles and foundation of the brand, be sure to follow this article to the end. To follow, let's explain better how we can help, in fact, your organization to grow. check out!

Our story

IPPEL is one of the few national manufacturers with high quality industrial equipment in the paper and cellulose segment, being a reference in machines. This is due to knowledge and experience of more than 30 years, guided by ethics, commitment, high quality and technological innovation.

More than mere suppliers, we are partners of the factories for bringing agility, updated security and technologies. We work so that the customer has a solution to their problems, with technical efficiency within the strictest quality standards in the world, to ensure maximum performance.

Our service is personalized and totally focused on meeting your needs. Machine designs are made and manufactured with excellent technical support, from the beginning and even after the installations, with good monitoring and cost benefit.

Our solutions

Since 1987, the company offers complete and personalized solutions, prioritizing efficiency and speed to deliver the best products for production in the paper market, cellulose and chemical industries, beyond the food industry.

We supply everything from spare parts to equipment for operation in different markets. Besides that, we design custom products and perform independent maintenance services, how machining, court, balancing, recovery and blasting.

Our services can be separated into different groups, that have a vast catalog of products, What:

  • Fiber preparation;
  • Tissue Machines;
  • Cylinders and Rollers;
  • Sheet formatting;
  • Parts and accessories.

Our benefits

With so many years of history, we always try to provide the best service in all aspects. Looking to the future, we seek to manufacture machines using world technical standards and the highest technology to facilitate the daily lives of our partners. Check out some features that we offer in our products and services:

  • quality in products, common good price no market;
  • safety to buy excellent parts, with warranty;
  • aid from organization factory to make them more productive;
  • commitment with what we deliver, from start to finish;
  • agility so that customers don't stop producing;
  • technical knowledge to sell complete solutions;

Always thinking about expanding customer results, IPPEL came to transform the factories' routine and make their processes better. Therefore, count on us to optimize your industrial park and obtain a good performance.

Want to know more? Read more about our solutions in detail in the next topic, about the paper segment.



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