To Valpasa, headquartered in Tangará, SC, in day 18/08/2021 reached the mark of 247.702 kg of paper.
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The record-setting machine was manufactured by Ippel for a production of 100 ton / dia.
In 2020 Ippel negotiated with Valpasa the improvement of the machine in the so-called project 200 your.
This project, two-phase, being that the first phase is already in operation and the second phase in the final stage of manufacturing.
Remember that the width of the paper under discussion is 1.7m. In this way, the daily production of the record is of 145.707 kg of paper per meter of paper length. That is, a machine of 2,5 m paper width, with this production would reach the production of 364.267 kg in the day.


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